Spiritual Guidelines

Christian Revivals

Christian Revivals

In this post we consider the following topics on christian revivals: 1. The day of the Pentecost Revival in the first century, 2. Characteristics of Revivals, 3. Reasons for Revivals, 4. Impact of Christian Revivals, 5. The Roman Catholic Revival from 1st century to middle ages, 6. The protestant or reformation revival from 14th century,

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Importance of Homeschooling

In this post we consider the following topics on importance of homeschooling: 1. Concept of homeschooling, 2. The basis for homeschooling, 3. Advantages of homeschooling, 4. Disadvantages of homeschooling, 5. Homeschooling vs traditional education, 6. Legal requirements for homeschooling, 7. Curriculum options for homeschooling, 8. Challenges of homeschooling, 9. How to succeed in homeschooling

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